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Nearly a hundred years ago, International manufactured the world’s first factory-built bus. Tomorrow morning (assuming of course that it’s a school day), more children will ride to school on one of our products than on any other bus brand in the world. International engines are the industry standard. Our dealers are the most helpful. Our buses enjoy the best record on the road. It is no wonder that so many schools and transportation companies have placed such trust in International for so long. And why they’ll continue to do so with IC Corporation.


A school bus’s job is to protect students while moving them from home to school and back again. Our buses offer a number of protective advantages. Sightlines are panoramic, giving drivers a more commanding view of the road. IC Corporation’s innovative crossing arms, with controls located behind the bumper, will keep working, and keep protecting kids. An exceptionally wide entryway gives the driver a clear view to the curb. Oh, and there’s the small matter that we’ve been safely carrying kids, and drivers, for nearly a hundred years.


A new name and logo aren’t going to sell buses if the product doesn’t live up to the promise. These buses do. In fact, they are unlike any bus ever built. Conceived of, designed and built entirely by IC Corporation, our conventional, front-engine and rear-engine buses set new standards in technology, reliability, convenience, and comfort. This sort of bus doesn’t happen by accident. We talked to drivers, fleet supervisors, mechanics, and students, and learned what they liked, disliked, and hoped to see in the future. We then went to the drawing board and thought, “Hmmm…” The result, we think you’ll agree, is the best-conceived, best-built bus that ever rolled up to a curb.


Why do it all ourselves: build the whole bus, front to back, top to bottom? Simple: We think we know more about making school buses than any other company in the world. More about design, more about manufacturing, more about passenger protection, powerplants, ergonomics. That being the case, why would we farm out a major aspect of design or production to another company? We want every part of an IC Corporation bus to represent our very best knowledge, our very best technology. We also want it delivered through the best dealer. IC Corporation’s dealer network offers a complete customer solution, expanding the integrated concept beyond production to encompass parts, training and service. Simply put, by integrating every phase of production, distribution, and service, we can bring you a better, stronger bus, at the best possible value. You-and the children you serve-deserve nothing less.

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